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But scientists and researchers now cannot seem to figure out whether there is a conclusive link between illnesses and the contamination.

The Corps says it is cooperating with scientists to try to research if there is a link.

Experts reported the tap water highly contaminated as early as 19.

But it took until late 1984 for the Corps to begin testing all the wells and shutting down the contaminated ones.

And I have one final question for the Marine Corps: Is there anything more you can do to help these former Marines, or children of Marines, uncover why they are so sick?

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The Corps admits this contamination was serious – toxic chemicals, which are classified as probable carcinogens, meaning they are believed to cause cancer in humans.To some people this is minuet compared to cancers (which I haven't been tested for yet).But my mental health issues alone destroyed most of my life as a teenager and a young adult. I know where there is hope for these men (ny son may be one of them).Sometimes stories raise more questions than answers, leaving uncertainty above all else.

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One example - my recent story on former Marines who now have male breast cancer, and worry their very rare illness was caused by time spent at Camp Lejeune.They say they gave years of their lives to proudly serve the country – but now wonder where is the loyalty and compassion when they need it the most?How many more former marines are out there with serious illnesses, possibly not even aware of the concerns over the contaminated water?He was service connected and received a total 100 percent compensation. Apparently before this water issue came up in the 60's.