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In 1815 Britain took control of the kingdom of Kandy, extending this rule to the entire island.My grandmother told me her cousin booked herself onto a cruise heading out to Ceylon, and went ‘missing at sea’ on 12th January, 1934, through an open porthole.The road is currently under construction by the Chinese who are helping to bolster the Sri Lankan economy, as are the Thais, who share the common bond of Buddhism.This tea possesses extraordinary quality in liquor, and is composed almost entirely of small ‘golden tips’, which are the extreme ends of the small succulent shoots of the plant, and the preparation of such tea, is, of course, most costly…The bidding which was pretty general to start with, commenced with an offer of £1.1s per 1lb…the tea ultimately knocked down to the ‘Mazawatte Ceylon Tea Company’ at the most extraordinary and unprecedented price of £10.12s 6d per 1lb.’ My grandmother’s second uncle, Alexander Craib (born at Strathmore, Coull) was listed in 1881 as being based at Cabragalla estate in Haputale, though he later moved to Invery estate in Dickoya.I am deeply indebted to Les Wheeler for publishing this poetry pamphlet, for editing the contents and for designing the cover.The road twists and turns round dizzying drops through terraces of tea rising up into the clouds, flanked by tall palms with huge cataracts tumbling into the jungle below.The pair were seen working more and more on seperated projects in 2008.The couple took a brief time apart on June 23,2009 reportedly due to busy work schedules, and different views on marriage.

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There are two excellent prints by Farquharson of Finzean.

Detailed information on Ceylon at that time is to be found in Ferguson's Hand Book for Ceylon & Planting Directory for India & Ceylon 1880-1881, from which following extracts have been taken: [CENSORED: table removed] Where some trail blaze, others follow.