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The study was carried out in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as well as two smaller regional cities: Nelson and Napier.

Between June 2006 and January 2007, a questionnaire was administered by NZPC staff, trained in interviewing techniques, to a sample of sex workers in the five cities.

Although random sampling was not carried out, care was taken to represent the diversity of the industry within the final sample by conducting an estimation of the number of private (people working for themselves and not giving a portion of their money to others), managed (people working in brothels and escort agencies under a system of management) and street-based sex workers, including the gender distribution within each sector, across the five locations of the study.

Participants were sampled purposively within the sectors and locations of the study and street-based, small city, male and transgender workers were over-sampled because of smaller numbers in these populations.

Each data-set was analysed, identifying themes or patterned responses or meaning.

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All interviews were digitally recorded and transcribed to word accuracy. Transcripts were read and re-read, and datasets were developed by cutting and pasting relevant quotations by participants around a range of subject areas.The research was conducted by public health researchers from the University of Otago, Christchurch, in partnership with the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective (NZPC).Ethics approval was obtained from the Multi-region Health and Disability Ethics Committee.A local Sexual Health Centre was the second most utilised facility for sexual health check-ups with one-quarter of participants indicating that this was their preferred option, particularly for managed and private sex workers.

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