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17-Mar-2017 19:51

In the same way it is reasonable to recognize they cannot fully consent to emotions and desires they are less able to control than the adult is.

This upcoming movie is one in a long line of gay male storylines focused on a teenage boy discovering his sexuality in the arms of an older man.

The responses all seemed to revolve around the following arguments or ideas: My exclusive and consistent argument was, and is, that it is wrong for an adult to have sex with a teenager.

There isn’t a great deal of nuance involved in that rule for me. The Hollywood Reporter is correct in that I have devoted a lot of writing to this topic.

It normalizes the idea to such an extent people cannot grasp why it would be wrong at all.

It justifies legality as a measure of morality and it perpetuates the very ‘gay men prey on teens’ stigma LGBT are driven to fight.

When Armie Hammers, star of Of course, the primary concern for those of us on the other side of the argument is not of an age gap but of an adult-teen sexual relationship. Is it ok for an adult to have a sexual relationship with an 18 year old? Especially in our society of perpetual adolescence, the innocence of that time should be carefully protected.But as often happens, the fire behind the controversy spread unexpectedly.I was suddenly inundated with surprisingly hostile and irrationally angry people (even for my twitter) who all seemed utterly outraged by my criticism.To quibble over the precise definition of ‘teen’ is beside the point. For me it is simply an issue of responsible adult decision-making.

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When an adult has sex with a teenager they are being selfish, fulfilling their own temporary desires.

Laws do not equal morality and my argument is not a legal one.