What is ink dating

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Dating tags are unique chemicals that have been added to ball-point inks by some ink companies as a way to determine the year the ink was made.

Relative age comparison tests performed on inks of the same formula and written on the same type of paper with the same storage conditions (performed by measuring changing solubility properties of inks) can estimate how long inks have been written on paper.

In its simplist form carbon inks consist of amorphous carbon shaped into a solid cake with glue.

It is made into a liquid for writing by grinding the cake and suspending the particles in a water-glue medium. Liquid carbon inks are also commercially available.

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Chemical and physical analysis of inks on questioned documents provides valuable information regarding their authenticity.

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This explains the origin of the name blue-black fountain pen ink. This ink is insoluble in water and cannot be effectively erased by abrasion.

In the liquid carbon inks shellac and borax are used in place of animal glue and a wetting agent is added to aid in the mixing of the shellac and carbon.

Carbon inks are insoluble in water, very stable and are not decomposed by air, light, heat, moisture or microbiological organisms.

Comparison of these chemical and physical properties of two or more inks can determine: (1) if the inks were made by the same manufacturer; (2) in some cases, whether the inks are products of the same production batch; and (3) the first production date of the specific ink formulation involved.

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When dating tags are detected, it is possible to determine the actual year or years when the ink was manufactured.

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