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If, at check-in, you find your double beds have become one or you were placed in a smoking room, speak to the front-desk agent and request a change—politely.

Also, it's well worth calling the hotel before you arrive to confirm your requests, especially if any were made for medical reasons. Using Incorrect Arrival and Departure Dates Of this travel sin, I am guilty as charged.

The agent couldn't tell me just how many hotel chains do this, but she said it was a "fairly common practice" and that it sweetens the deal for travelers who book at regular rates. When reserving your hotel, most booking engines will allow you to make requests or add comments regarding your stay.

: Joining hotel loyalty programs is often free (we rounded up the top loyalty programs for you), and being a member can guarantee better room placement, free nights, or helpful amenities like complimentary breakfast or Wi-Fi. However, in the teeny-tiny fine print, most hotels also say that your requests aren't guaranteed.

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Curious, I asked what method her staff uses to determine who gets the best-located rooms.

However, there are some big blunders you could be making when it comes to hotel reservations.

From booking on the wrong sites to forgetting to check some vital information, these mistakes could easily make or break your trip.

But upon arrival, that infinity pool could really be the size of a postage stamp, and those sumptuous linens could feel like sandpaper. You want to read as many reviews as you can without suffering from information overload. The best way to get an accurate picture of the resort is to choose your review sites wisely.

Take anything a hotel says about itself with a grain of salt (or sand). Trip Advisor and Oyster (which, like us, is owned by Trip Advisor) offer pretty accurate previews of what your hotel has to offer; Oyster's room photos are a great resource if you wonder how your room stacks up to the hotel's own slick—and possibly Photoshopped—images.Hotel rates can soar in the days leading up to a particular date, and you could be left without a room if everything books up (or if nothing left is within your budget).On the other hand, being an advanced planner can have its own disadvantages: Sure, you may want to have all of your travel ducks in a row as soon as possible, but it can actually cost you money to book your hotel room too early.On an overseas trip several years ago, I noted that my flight left on May 14, so I booked my destination hotel starting the night of May 14. I completely neglected to check that my flight was a red-eye that landed early in the morning of the 15.

I sold a book for $7 to a customer once and he. I never buy anything unless I expect to double my money or more. just remember to buy what your can afford.… continue reading »

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