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21-Nov-2017 11:13

I was prejudiced, or in kinder words had a preference, for brown beautiful men.Eventually, our vacation ended and he headed to the south of Brasil to start his new job. It had been almost six months since we had first met, and I certainly had changed.He broke the ice immediately and said, “She’s American.” And once again, I got the line, “We thought you were Brasilian!” After watching the sunset together, he invited me to meet up with them to salsa that evening.My white girl friends say it’s just a “white guy thing” – they’re not nearly as aggressive as black guys (maybe that’s why so many date black guys? My white guy friends say I’m intimidating, literally a triple threat: pretty, taller than most guys, and black (if that matters) and that maybe I should go up to them. I can firmly say that I know you love black girls because I have witnessed it.And my black guy friends just don’t understand why I even care to go outside of my race – typical, but why not? I see how you react when you’re drinking, I know our brown skin and hair is so beautifully unique to you, and I obviously count this as a scientific/proven experiment since I have lived it and asked a “focus group”. Just two kids from Jersey traveling abroad that happened to bump into each other by stereotypical mistake.After listening to his tried pick up line in American-accented Portuguese, I cut him off and bluntly asked him in English where he was from.

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As I do most things, I took my questions to my friends – guys and girls, black and white.

In middle school, I had tons of white guy friends but none ever showed any interest like the black guys, so 8th grade was the kick-starter to dating black guys.

Everyone always assumes that I would only date one type of a guy: black athlete, but you’re WRONG.

Fortunately for me I could do all of that around both groups.

The first guy I ever had a crush on was in elementary school, his name was Raleigh, he was white, and we became really great friends – looking back he probably never felt the same way as me because I was twice his size in all aspects – but in my mind I just wasn’t his “type” (yes 3rd graders understand the concept of crushes).

He had met and pursued a local Brasilian girl who was beyond sweet.