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The remains of a miniscule community of Dravidian speakers lives in the extreme eastern province of Sistan along the border with Afghanistan.It is important to note that, with some minor exceptions, all ethnic groups living in Iran, whatever their background or primary language, identify strongly with the major features of Iranian culture and civilization.The rest of the population speaks languages drawn from Indo-European, Ural-Altaic (Turkic), or Semitic language families.The principal non-Persian Indo-European speakers include Kurds, Lurs, Baluchis, and Armenians, making up approximately 15 percent of the population.It is perhaps easiest to speak of the various ethnic groups in the country in terms of their first language.Approximately half of the population speaks Persian and affiliated dialects as their primary language.

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Today as a result of migration and conquest, people of Indo-European, Turkic, Arab, and Caucasian origin have some claim to Iranian cultural identity.

They are related to the term "Aryan" and it is supposed that the plateau was occupied in prehistoric times by Indo-European peoples from Central Asia.

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