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After a credentials committee seats the delegates, a permanent chairman is elected. Provide maximum punishment and protect the rights of the victim first and foremost. Actually, you have to run two campaigns (a political campaign and a fund-raising one) and you must win both; if you raise less money than your opponent, you lose, because you don’t have enough money to inform, influence, and motivate your voters.

At each convention, a temporary chairman is chosen. Your speeches have to be a fun, and match the meal and drinks — don’t be heavy and too political.

He moved to USA in 1995 and worked here for CIA as expert. - never lie to reporters; they will make sure it backfires on you sooner or later.

Nothing is impossible if you don't have to do it yourself. - if an influential newspaper, radio or TV station endorses you, you have their supporters, readers, listeners and viewers.

Each state has as many electors as it has senators and representatives, plus 3 electoral votes from the District of Columbia as a result of the 23rd Amendment to the Constitution. The title comes from the location of its first official meeting in 1954 in the Bilderberg Hotel, Arnhem, Netherlands. Protect the rights of the accused first and foremost. Early fundraising is crucial to a campaign because of the high costs organization and the need to demonstrate viability.

On four occasions (last was in 2000),the presidential candidate with the largest popular vote failed to obtain an electoral vote majority. 1.3 The Bilderberg Group The Bilderberg Group is an annual invitation-only conference of around 100 guests, most of whom are usually influential politicians and big business. The key rules in fundraising are: - find some “fat cats,” quick - go where the money is - get fundraisers with lots of rich friends - get money from those who usually contribute And the most important strategy is to raise big money for yourself and prevent big money from being spent against you.

Otherwise, according to the Constitution, electors from that state could vote only of the candidates and would have to cast their other vote for some person of another state. Rejection of determinism - belief in one’s ability to “make a difference”. Managers do things right, leaders do the right things. Managers have an eye on the bottom-line, leaders have an eye on the horizon Managers imitate, leaders originate. PACs are special-interest groups which consist of people who pool their money in order to contribute it to candidates or political party committees who share their political, social, religious or economic views.

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He prepares press releases and press kits and schedules interviews and press conferences with the positive vision and attitude reporters (press or media kits contain your photos, a brief biography, campaign position papers, printed brochures and names of contacts for additional information).

By the third or fourth day, presidential nominations begin. Outstanding leaders selectively arouse those motives of followers that the leaders see as special relevance to the successful accomplishment of the vision and mission. This refers to the linkage of individual and leader interpretive orientations such that some set of followers ‘s interests, values and beliefs, as well as the leader’s activities, goals and ideology, becomes congruent and complementary. A leader can have one or more visions of the future to aid him to move a nation successfully towards this goal. Besides, you are interviewed by reporters for free as an elected official.

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