Who is jackie appiah dating now

10-Jun-2017 16:09

She thinks that others will see its ultimate success.Appiah was already known to Nollywood through her many successful Ghanaian films including Beyoncé - The President Daughter, Princess Tyra, Passion of the Soul, Pretty Queen, The Prince's Bride, The King is Mine and The Perfect Picture.

Appiah now sees the local film industry as having changed for the better.That’s literally been it—we’ve not really had much to say about her love life and now, she seems to be excitedly telling us that ‘No Boyfriend…No Problem.” Let’s hope she has not given up on men; because she is still young and she has a long way ahead of her—she could surely spend the rest of her life with a worthy man.We all know the feeling when you sometime begin to feel like men are not worth the headache, especially the ‘annoying’ boyfriends.Jackie Appiah played this role very well with actor Prince Dave Osei (Ferdinand) who played the president’s son in a new movie titled “The Supremo”.