Who is kristin scott thomas dating

06-Aug-2017 11:16

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However, they do ensure that these people keep their faces on the front of magazines and all that stuff.They stay famous, even though they're wasting their lives doing it.The day before, a story appeared in one of the tabloids saying how she had left her husband of 17 years and gone off with a young actor, Tobias Menzies.

I was playing this woman who was difficult and so I became difficult.Herein, of course, lies her mystique - and it's as palpable off screen as on.A lot of film stars resemble acned jellyfish in the flesh, but not Kristin Scott Thomas.As if to prove the point, she rears back on her throne in response to an innocuous remark about the fickle nature of fame and says icily, "People have this odd idea that skipping around in a glittery frock is going to make them successful in films. I'm famous because I have managed to produce a pretty good body of work."This is certainly true, but for all her capabilities and adventurousness as an actress, Kristin Scott Thomas remains a very traditional, very British sort of sex symbol.

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Her reserves of passion lie buried deep beneath a kind of Roedean permafrost, with only the faintest and most tantalising glow showing through.We go through to a room that's being used to store props. One of them has scarlet upholstery and gilt arms and is not unlike a throne. Off come the sunglasses to reveal a penetratingly direct blue stare. "Or rather, a herd of goats."The play that she's doing is all about how society imposes identities on people - identities which frequently bear little resemblance to their true selves.I wondered if she was fed up with the public face of Kristin Scott Thomas."Oh, definitely. If you are a successful actor, which is what I am, then you tend to get labelled very quickly and easily.At the same time, everything about it is completely symmetrical; even her frown lines ripple in immaculate close formation across the wide expanse of her forehead. In fact, she was characteristically snooty about the whole idea.