Who is kristin scott thomas dating

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One of the things about Hollywood I found out pretty quickly was that you have to keep peddling frantically away like a hamster on a wheel. That's why you see these actors and actresses who make one dire film after another.The films may make money, but they're still absolute rubbish.At 45, age has enhanced her beauty rather than diminished it.Her face, rather like a Cubist portrait, is made up of various interlocking planes.I just couldn't do that.""After English Patient, I saw what Hollywood wanted from me. do you know those big reflectors they have on film sets? I'd play opposite important actors, but really I'd just be put there to make them look good. Actually, I liked working with Robert Redford very much, but that's not the point. I decided I would rather be doing interesting films that even when I was making them I knew no one would go and see. And apart from anything else, there's the boredom.""The boredom? Making films can be absolutely fantastic, but it can also be incredibly dull.All the roles I was offered were as older gents' crumpet. You spend the whole day sitting by yourself in your trailer and then you get called to deliver one sentence - then you're told to come back and do it again at 5.30 the following morning.We go through to a room that's being used to store props. One of them has scarlet upholstery and gilt arms and is not unlike a throne. Off come the sunglasses to reveal a penetratingly direct blue stare. "Or rather, a herd of goats."The play that she's doing is all about how society imposes identities on people - identities which frequently bear little resemblance to their true selves.I wondered if she was fed up with the public face of Kristin Scott Thomas."Oh, definitely. If you are a successful actor, which is what I am, then you tend to get labelled very quickly and easily.

I was playing this woman who was difficult and so I became difficult.

When I did Gosford Park with Robert Altman, apparently I was a complete nightmare.

I was very imperious and completely foul and horrible. Actually, that's not entirely true; I did wonder why people were giving me sideways looks, and there would be this odd hush whenever I walked into a room.

All at once I find myself remembering that winter will be here soon.

At some stage I am going to have to ask her about her marriage, but out of pure cowardice, I opt to leave it until later. '' I ask, thinking there is quite a strong possibility she might say "Interviewer.""Goat," she says.Yet it got her started and soon afterwards, like a fleet of briskly summoned taxis, other films began to arrive: A Handful of Dust, Bitter Moon, Four Weddings and a Funeral and The English Patient, which won her an Oscar nomination.And then, just at the point where the world seemed to be laid out in gleaming widescreen at her feet, something odd happened: disillusion set in.I find it irritating to be put into any sort of category.""What sort of category are you usually put in? Grand Bitches, I suppose.""And why do you think that is? For instance, if I am working with a director that I don't trust, I can be an absolute horror. I am sure you can check if you don't believe me.""No, no," I say hurriedly.

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Feb 26, 2016. Kristin Scott Thomas, 55, put on the perfect sartorial display for Friday night's César Film Awards in Paris, in a shimmering gown which was the epitome of elegance.… continue reading »

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