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Using a story that actually happened demonstrates how seemingly "minor" details can be important in determining an outcome that has far-reaching social and legal effects on an entire family.This case was used at the beginning of the second semester as part of the cardiovascular system unit.Students assume the role of a police detective and are given some of the details of the case, then answer questions regarding blood clotting and shaken baby syndrome (now referred to as abusive head trauma).They are then required to piece their information together and decide if the evidence lies in favor of the parents or the police.Pine, Unyielding, Phoenix Feather Patronus: Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Pet: Feliks, a male Snowy Owl Position: Charmer, MARTist, and Minister for Magic Special Skills: Intelligence, trained in Taekwondo, specializing in kicks, gymnastics Hobbies: Cooking, writing, baking, watching Toku dramas, napping Favorite Color: Black Favorite Flower: Rose Favorite Food: Sweets, especially cake and chocolate, pasta dishes, chicken ramen Favorite Subject(s): Charms, DADA, Mythology, Magical Cooking, English, Creative Writing Appearance: Leah has blue-green eyes, long, very curly, dirty blonde hair, with fringe coming down just above the eyebrows and two long pieces of hair framing the face.Her hair is typically kept up in a ponytail or a bun, though she tends to put it in braids before she goes to sleep.) Dining Room that could also be used as a third living area.The Master Bedroom has two closets and its own bathroom/sho wer. One is neutral and the other has red carpet and colorful wallpaper that is in good condition.

The garage has been enclosed to make a very functional Den/Family Room with a wood burning stove and window A/C unit.

It adjoins a 10x8 utility room with lots of spac e for a washer/dryer, shelving and a workshop!

The Kitchen is 15 feet long with tons of cabinets and opens to the Large (11x20!

The privacy fenced back yard is a good size, with an even larger area to the side than to the back, giving lots of privacy and room for entertaining.

There is a sprinkler system This All-Brick home is located in the heart of Fort Walton! The windows have been updated with newer/double paned vinyl.

Case teaching notes are password-protected and access to them is limited to paid subscribed instructors.