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Any Christian wanting to know how to be a disciple of Christ in this world should turn to Acts to know how the first Christians lived.

A recent topical study of Acts was therefore appropriately entitled The Master Plan of Discipleship (Robert Coleman)....

Four of these books present the Person of our Lord; while the fifth gives the first page of the history of the Church; that is, the story of the first activities of Christ, in power, in the history of the race.

(The Acts of the Apostles) W H Griffith-Thomas on the practical importance of Acts - The record shows what the Church can do in the face of opposition when it honours its Lord and is full of the Holy Spirit.

A T Pierson writes that "The Acts of the Apostles should therefore be studied mainly for this double purpose: first, to trace our Lord's unseen but actual continuance of His divine teaching and working; and, secondly, to trace the active ministry of the Holy Spirit as the abiding presence in the Church (THAT IS YOU DEAR SPIRIT FILLED READER!

)." I - While he does not give his name in either the Gospel or Acts, this personal pronoun almost certainly from the pen of Luke. Almost all authorities consider Luke to be the only Gentile writer in the Bible (from his name).

This book is closely linked to, and virtually a continuation of, the Gospel by Luke. Martyn Lloyd-Jones called Acts “that most lyrical of books....

Live in that book, I exhort you: It is a tonic, the greatest tonic I know of in the realm of the Spirit.” (The Christian Warfare) G Campbell Morgan - THE book which we call the Acts of the Apostles may be said to complete the "Pentateuch of New Testament" history.

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(The Acts of the Apostles) Joseph Alexander on first account - Former treatise might be more exactly rendered first book or discourse.In those two years, Luke had time to research and write his Gospel and the Book of Acts.Boice writes that "Ancient books were generally written on papyrus scrolls.It was practical to have a scroll about thirty-five feet in length.

When it got any longer it got too bulky to carry around.

This physical limitation has determined the length of many books of the Bible.” David Guzik - In the mid-1960’s, A. Sherwin-White, an expert in Graeco-Roman history from Oxford, wrote about Acts: “The historical framework is exact. As documents these narratives belong to the same historical series as the record of provincial and imperial trials in epigraphical and literary sources of the first and early second centuries AD…For Acts the confirmation of historicity is overwhelming…Any attempt to reject its basic historicity even in matters of detail must now appear absurd.

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