Wild turkey predating farm crops

25-Jan-2017 13:13

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Do you know which regions of turkey deal with the cultivation of aromatic or herbaceous plants like basil, thyme, laurel, oregano, chamomile, sage, spearmint, mint and others?

While turkeys may grab all the headlines this time of year, wild pigs are devouring just about everything else.

Most of the crop is grown in the Aegean region, but the finest tobacco is grown around Samsun, on the Black Sea coast.

Tobacco and tobacco products represented 11% of total agricultural exports in 2001 and 1.4% of all Turkish exports that same year.

Some 262,000 tons of tobacco were produced in 1999.

Most of the cotton crop is grown around Adana and Izmir.

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Areas authorized for poppy cultivation were estimated at 37,500 hectares (92,700 acres) in 1983; 5,000 hectares (12,350 acres) of opium capsule were sown in 1985.About 40% of the labor force is engaged in agriculture, which provided 13% of GDP in 2001.Large farms are concentrated mainly in the Konya, Adana, and Izmir regions.For some products, such as grain, the government is the sole exporter.