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Alternatively, you can use your professions to specialize in gathering raw materials, like the ore needed by smiths and jewelcrafters or the herbs used by alchemists and scribes. Players who want to level a bunch of professions on a bunch of max-level characters can be totally self-sufficient, but it’s often easier to just buy a crafted item rather than going out and looking for raw materials and then leveling a crafting profession so that you can make it yourself.And when there’s a demand for player-crafted goods, players who make a point of supplying those goods to the community can earn a lot of currency.With modern MMO convenience features, your UI starts to become the game.Instead of interacting with the immersive world around you, you are stuck staring at flat UI screen and clicking buttons.You would also need enchantments created by an enchanter for your gloves, cape, chest, boots, bracers and weapons along with your shield if you used one.

Meanwhile, the player garrison, the customizable base that was central to that expansion, could produce huge amounts of ore, herbs and enchanting materials, even for players without the relevant gathering professions.Any changes beyond bug fixes would hamper both those goals.More importantly, designers love to tinker, and once you open the floodgates to “just one more change” you’re down a slippery slope that can cascade into bigger and bigger “improvements.” A thought about convenience features: these really are the devil.That stuff can’t be bought or sold (unless you bribe a raid guild to carry you through a raid and give you loot).