Wpf treeview binding not updating

10-Feb-2018 02:36

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Here are links to a couple of them: Thread 1: Observable Dictionary, problem with Remove Thread 2: Bind observable dictionary As promised in my response to the latter thread, I am now providing a sample demonstrating how one might implement an observable dictionary. The Observable Dictionary Sample In this sample, I demonstrate how to bind to a dictionary of button styles.The styles are sorted based on their Key values in the observable dictionary.If you click an even-indexed button, its entry is duplicated in the dictionary.On the right side of the window is a Combo Box whose items are bound to the same dictionary.Namely, you would need to write code to synchronize some observable collection with your dictionary whenever you modify it.Wouldn’t it be nice if the dictionary, itself, were observable?And to prove it works the other way to, I’ve created a Select All command on the View Model that puts all available names into the Selected Names collection.

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Since a similar question came up again recently on Stack Overflow, I thought I’d share what I came up with.To truly create an observable dictionary, you need to aggregate your own collection (usually of type Keyed Collection By implementing all of the above interfaces, you ensure that your dictionary class can be used interchangeably with the CLR’s Dictionary class.You should only need to change the declaration from Dictionary in your code.Beneath the Combo Box is a Button whose style is bound to the selected value of the Combo Box.

If you click this button, the dictionary will be cleared and reloaded. Perhaps you’ve already written an application that leverages a dictionary to store and retrieve in-memory data.

It does this by implementing the INotify Property Changed and INotify Collection Changed interfaces.