X360a gamercard not updating

29-Jul-2017 06:50

If I can film, what panels I film will be posted to You Tube.

INTERVIEWS and/or APPOINTMENTS - I don't know who or how many yet, but there'll be a few.

It was still looking unlikely as I got nearer the finish line, so I had to resort to playing a few nice and easy arcade games at the death.

It took me about an hour to get 1k from Truth or Lies, yet a simple arcade title like Gunstar Heroes took me two hours and Wolfenstein 3D (which turned into an almighty grind if truth be told) was a whopping seven hours. I've also splashed out on some new arcade fodder through the recent sales - not to mention a good bit of DLC for things like Mass Effect 2, so I suppose I really should get around to playing them at some point.

I also bought my other half a Kinect for Xmas, on the proviso that she only use it on her tag. My tag was left logged in and some achievements were unlocked on Kinect Adventures. At least I avoided getting Dance Central on there, but it now means I will have to devote some time and effort into at least two games (the other being Harry Potter, which has a few Kinect chellenges for me to finish off).

At least it will give me something to polish off in the new year.

I've also still got Gears 2, Fallout: NV and a host of others to polish off so my to do list never seems to shrink.

My concern is that, just like the Wii, the Kinect will sell by the bucketload but then be a graveyard for shovelware and half assed titles which never do more than the bundled in software did.