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26-Apr-2017 02:53

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Tie this in with that other platform-independent language, Java, and you have a marriage made in cross-platform heaven.

Over the course of this two-part article, I’ll be examining the union of Java and XML, illustrating how the two technologies can be combined to easily parse XML data and convert it into browser-friendly HTML.

The Xerces Java Parser (version 1.4.4 is what I’ll be using) supports the latest version of SAX, SAX 2.0, in addition to the earlier SAX 1.0 standard.

It also includes support for XML Schema and the DOM Level 2 standard.

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Support for XML 1.0, DOM 1.0 and SAX 1.0 is also included.

Oracle XML parser Oracle released its XML parser for Java, a standalone XML component that enables parsing of XML documents through either SAX or DOM interfaces using validating or non-validating modes.

Various Non-Validating Parsers are XML Parser Toolkit is James Clark's library for XML parsing in C.

Basically XML parsers are of two types : Many parsers are available, including Alpha Works XML for Java, which is used by IBM, Microsoft XML Parser, which is used in Microsoft Internet Explorer, and a parser called expat, which is used in the Netscape Navigator 6 browser application.

Various Validating Parsers are Version 1 of IBM's XML Parser for Java was the highest rated Java XML parser in Java Report's February 1999 review of XML parsers.

XML4J 3.0.1 is based on the Apache Xerces XML Parser Version 1.0.3.

XML Processor Conformance Report Xerces. DOMDocument. Leaving the invalid notation undeclared would cause a validating parser to fail without.… continue reading »

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