Zagat dating and dumping guide

28-Sep-2017 17:38

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Perhaps most surprising of all, respondents to the survey are not required to document—through, for example, copies of receipts—that they have actually eaten the meals they claim to be evaluating.The survey’s voting controls consist only of computer programs that scan for major irregularities and discrepancies, which would hardly prevent a shut-in living in Bozeman, Montana from voting in the New York survey.The Zagats now put out best-selling guides to restaurants in 45 cities worldwide, including London, Paris, and Tokyo, as well as to U. hotels, resorts, and spas and, for New York and Los Angeles, other resources for food and entertaining.(The first surveys via Palm Pilots, Wireless Application Protocol phones, and the Zagat Web site, which recently raised million in equity financing.Surely that guarantees greater fairness and accuracy. To begin with, although it might come as a surprise to anyone who has not participated in a survey, the 30-point ratings in the book do not represent actual choices.

Online voting, recently introduced, will no doubt make it even easier to cast fictitious and/or ill-considered ballots.Twenty-one years ago, Tim and Nina Zagat, two lawyers intimately familiar with New York’s restaurant and fine-dining scene, informally assembled the opinions of 200 of their acquaintances into a self-published survey of local establishments.Between then and now, their handy little red book of names, addresses, rankings, and consumer-driven evaluations has grown into a publishing empire.The overall enterprise is now valued at 0 million, and the Zagats are said to be thinking of an initial public offering next year.

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