Zen of dating

08-Mar-2018 11:19

As time goes by, you settle into into a routine; Monday through Thursday finds the two of you in front of the TV.

Maybe Friday night you go out with your friends, or she takes a girl’s night out.

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There will be more nights on the couch, catching up on episodes of Supernatural or Community.You’re ready for a date to turn magical at a moment’s notice. It can take a of effort to maintain that constant state of awesome.But once you’ve passed the courtship phase into the couple phase? And with relationships comes familiarity and familiarity means… You both are going to have seen each other’s flaws. She knows that under normal circumstances, your bathroom looks like Sherman marched through it on the way to Atlanta.The older I got, the number of friends whose parents were still married shrank correspondingly.

By college, they were a rarity, almost to the point of being an attraction worthy of any circus side-show.So you’re keeping the simple carbs low, loading up on chicken and broccoli, maybe looking into some weight training to tone up a little because you you want the first time she sees you naked to be nothing short of magical.Your clothes are clean and neat, your bachelor pad is clean and organized.Meanwhile, your lovely significant other will be remembering the days she was single and every night meant something new.

Dec 19, 2011. As little as I knew about actually meeting, dating, or successfully seducing women, I knew even less about keeping them. It was only years later that I started to understand a few things about relationship maintenance that I wish I'd known back then. The problem that a lot of guys face is that we can get too.… continue reading »

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Feb 28, 2016. Quiet your mind and go within! New dating site is here for those folks on the path, looking for the path and more! Source… continue reading »

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