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08-Nov-2017 16:43

Zooey Deschanel is not the "adorkable" goof some of her fans might expect.In the booth of a downtown Manhattan breakfast joint, dressed down in a cozy gray cashmere sweater and knock-around jeans, she's girly, yes—but we can also see a savvy woman: confident, calm, and craving caffeine after waking up at four in the morning for a TV appearance.Everyone’s love lives are full of some bumps along the way, and taking a glance at Zooey’s life provides a really valuable source of love lessons.Whether it’s how to get through the tricky stuff or smart practices to make your relationship work, we can all learn a lot from Zooey’s actions, words and characters.We’re going to go back and watch this for the millionth time and then maybe go buy a top hat or bow tie for our pets.The definitive ending of a relationship can really suck.Source: Jay Valena/ WENN.com, we can also take a lesson from her character Jess and her roommate Nick (Jake Johnson).We can tell that Nick and Jess are kind of meant to get together, but there’s something really nice about watching them come to love each other as friends first.

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The thing is though, Zooey is a super cool girl with a lot of awesome things going for her – just like you!It's no secret Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanal are close pals -- remember their adorable homemade singing video? It’s fun just to have conversations, watch movies with her and stuff like that.While some fans would love nothing more than to see these "(500) Days of Summer" co-stars get together in real life, the "Dark Knight Rises" actor told It’s awkward when people say that. We guess we shouldn't be so surprised, considering Deschanel -- who split from husband Ben Gibbard last fall -- has recently been spotted kissing new boyfriend Jamie Linden.Whether you’re in a relationship, just getting out of one, or looking for a new romance, here’s eight love lessons that’s we’ve picked up from Zooey Deschanel to help guide you through.